Sunday, February 14, 2010

Indiana Snow

Although we did not get snow like some USA cities did, we feel we got enough.  I don't know about you, but, I am ready for spring and warm weather.
Here are some pictures:
One morning, hubby was on his way
 out the door to go to work.
Oops, got to shovel your way outside first.  A couple days later, we got more snow, and, when we opened this door, there was an imprint of the door in the snow, but, I didn't get a picture of it that day.  I should have. 

Then, we peeked out the door, and, here is the truck he had to drive to work. 
Oops, gotta shovel out the vehicle.

Here are a few "waves" of snow drifts in front of our house.  We didn't use our front door for several days.  It was just too cold to get out there then, and, find it.

Hey, I think there is a bush under there somewhere.
OK, this is what it looked like when hubby snow blowed us a walk  to the front door.
After I could get out the front door, this is a picture down
the front of the house one way.
And, this is a picture down the other way.  The snow was starting to melt and settle some by the time I took these.
Here's our little tunnel type sidewalk to the front door.

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