Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Microwave Snack Mix (pictures too)

Maybe you all already make your snack mix in the microwave, but, just in case you don't, I would like to share this MUCH faster and easier way to make it, verses the OVEN!!!!!!!!!!    And, I don't just make one batch, I make it until all of the boxes of cereal are empty.  Might as well, it keeps great in a tin or a Tupperware type container.    I think it makes about 9 batches.  :)

You can use the Chex cereal snack mix recipe. If you don't have it, here is my recipe:     (I use the generic Chex cereal, you cannot tell the difference, I'm sure it's made by one of the major cereal companies anyway. -- makes it much more affordable)  

Melt 6 TBSP. butter in microwave safe bowl - add 4 tsp. Worchestershire sauce, and 1 tsp. seasoned salt.  Mix together, set aside.

2 c. corn chex
2 c. wheat chex
2 c. rice chex
2 c. Cheerios
1/2 c. cocktail nuts

You can also add pretzels, or 'any kind' of nuts, or, really anything you like.
When I used to put pretzels in mine, I broke up each mini stick into 3 pieces.

Mix the cereals (and nuts, pretzels, etc.) together.  Pour the butter mixture over the top, and, toss until the mixture is covered really well. 

Now:  Microwave on the second from the highest setting for 2 minutes, take it out, and, stir real well, being sure to break up any 'gobs' that may be stuck together.  And, be careful, it gets really hot.  Do this 3 more times, and, then spread on paper towel covered surface.  I use cookie sheets with sides.  (You may have to experiment with your microwave setting - all microwaves are different - you will probably be able to tell if it's too hot, or not hot enough)

If it isn't salty enough for your taste, (be sure to taste it first, the seasoned salt makes it fairly salty), you can add some POPCORN sale.  Please don't add regular salt - it too grainy and course, it needs to be a FINE salt.  :)

When it is completely cooled, store it in a tin (you know like the Christmas tins that the 3 kinds of popcorn come in), or a Tupperware type container, or Ziploc type plastic bags.  It keeps very well, and, for quite a while. (or, I think it keeps for quite a while, it never lasts too long around our house)  LOL

Here is a picture of mine cooling on a paper towel lined cookie sheet:

I meant to put Crispix in mine today, but forgot, and, I left out the pretzels, because my family likes it better without them.

And, here it is all cooled off, and in the tin:

It is sooooooooooo yummy.   And, with just a couple hours time, you can have LOTS of it.  And, it's really easy.  Much better than all day baking it in the oven.  :)

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